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HRH Princess BlueBelle as Cat of the Day

HRH Princess BlueBelle
HRH Princess BlueBelle
HRH Princess BlueBelle
HRH Princess BlueBelle
HRH Princess BlueBelle
HRH Princess BlueBelle

About HRH Princess BlueBelle †

† "My name is BlueBelle (b: 1-Aug-2001) and most of you know me as Tooga's sister. I was 10 when Momcat brought Tooga the little Monster home. Momcat was afraid I would eat him. I was afraid he'd eat me. I'd never been around other cats, just dogs. My boyfriend is a black standard Poodle (don't tell Prince Harry). Just like Tooga, I have poisoning issues from Hartz products. I have to eat many small meals and have special TTouch tummy rubs. I like those, and no grains. My digestion is very slow and I got completely blocked. The vet suggested that Momcat have me shaved since hairballs could be life threatening. I love being naked! I have many kitty loves and one human love... Aahhh Prince Harry. And Tooga. I really do love Tooga! Please promise you'll never use Hartz. BlueBelle." ~ Linda Chambers.

  • † HRH Princess BlueBelle passed away on 25-Oct-2016 after a massive stroke [source].

  • "She loves to sleep hidden away. Inside pillow cases, dresser drawers, chair under the table...." ~ Linda Chambers.

  • "She is actually Himalayan, Ragdoll mix." ~ Linda Chambers.

  • HRH is the abbreviation for "Her Royal Highness". In a conversation with world renowned animal communicator Laura Stinchfield, BlueBelle stated, "I want to be thought of the princess cat that knows how to take care of people." After this conversation, BlueBelle started to be addressed with the titles HRH and RN (Registered Nurse). She is known now as "HRH Princess BlueBelle", with the RN suffix added whenever she is taking care of some who is sick.

  • "[Tooga and HRH BlueBelle] really don't [talk much]. HRH rarely meows at all. She does make a high pitched 'mmmrrrr'. Tooga is very vocal with me with 4:30-6:30 AM his favorite time to converse." ~ Linda Chambers. [source]

  • Cat friends: Richter, Bailey, Fritz, Tortie Gracie, Sky†, Tigger†, Tigger Too†.

  • Dog friends: Bug, Gracie Doggie, Moses.

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