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Sylvester the Tuxedo Cat †

"Once feral, Sylvester was rescued in the year 2000 and found his forever home with our family. His story is about a little girl who, after losing her beloved cat, had an empty place in her heart which only a feline could fill. Sylvester's favorite place was a beautiful antique rocking chair with a tuxedo cat pillow and a cat throw on it. Sylvester went to the Rainbow Bridge on September 26, 2013. His work was, and is now, to make this a better world, one purr at a time. With fans in over 54 countries around the world, Sylvester stole hearts with his humor, stories, quotes, escapades, LOLs and photos. While Sylvester is no longer with us, he left instructions to continue his page, finish his book and be open to the new rescue kitty he will send, when the time is right, to continue his work. Enjoy and share his page and posts to keep his memory and work alive. The journey continues - be a part of the purrs to make this a better world." ~ Sylvester the Tuxedo Cat.

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Sylvester the Tuxedo Cat

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