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Prince Kori

About Prince Kori

"Our young Prince Kori (Cuoricino - meaning little heart in Italian, as named by Siglinda Scarpa, founder of The Goathouse Refuge) has taken his throne in our home and in our hearts. He was a rescue from a high-kill shelter in NC, USA, born in December 2012. Siglinda bottle raised him in her home and then brought him to The Goathouse to be adopted. Siglinda said Cuoricino felt horrible when he had to leave her home and come to the refuge. I told her how my daughter Veronica had a gift with animals and she saw firsthand a cat get in Veronica's lap that does not let anyone do that and I watched as cats waited in line or around Veronica to be petted. When we were trying to decide which cat to come home with us - and there were so many we wanted to bring home - Siglinda told Veronica, 'He needs you - not he needs you, but he needs YOU'. Siglinda made the choice and since she has such a gift with animals I just know Sylvester, our beloved boy now at The Rainbow Bridge, was whispering in her ear. Welcome home Kori!" ~ Sylvester the Tuxedo Cat.

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