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"I am Scamp (male) of The Three Catketeers, three fun loving shelter kitties who like to make, donate and sell things to help other kitties and animals. We live in Oregon, USA and I was adopted on 29-Dec-2007 as a six month old kitty with my shelter mate Sophia. After we tragically lost Sophia, the other two Catketeers, Chef and Nibs came to live with us. I am the shyest and quietest of us three. I love spending my days reigning over my vineyard jungle and am the most contemplative of us. I really enjoy figuring out how things work and playing with my Yeowww! Catnip toys. My favorite game is follow-the-leader with me as leader. I like to let Chef and Nibs think they are the leaders, but we all know it's really me! Please come visit us! We are all for one and one for all!" ~ Tamara Banavige, The Three Catketeers.

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