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Nibs as Cat of the Day


About Nibs

"I am Nibs (male) of The Three Catketeers, three fun loving shelter kitties who like to make, donate and sell things to help other kitties and animals. I live in Oregon with my older brother Scamp and real brother Chef. Chef and I were adopted on 1-Mar-2009 as six month old kitties.

My favorite things in the universe are attention and my treats and kibbles. I operate under cover as 'The Big Black Treat and Kibble Monster'. My vet says I am hunkalicious. I am a total goof ball and big lovable bully. One of my favorite games is fetch like the doggies, but I also like all things with strings. Just don't let me eat them! I adore the camera and modelling the things we make. Please come visit us at our page or at The Three Catketeers Catique! We are all for one and one for all!"

~ Tamara Banavige, The Three Catketeers.

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