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Wolfie Wolfman

"Wolfie Wolfman is a marbled Bengal. He was born in CA in June 2009. When I saw his adoption photo, it was love at first sight! I wasn’t looking for another cat but knew within seconds that I had to have him. The bad news was that I was 3000 miles away. A new company, Pet Airways, had just started and they flew from CA to NY so I made the arrangements. A friend picked him up to take him to the airport. But he escaped from her apartment and was gone. Almost 2 weeks later, a nice man found him. Wolfie came home to me soon afterwards. Wolfie is the first Bengal I’ve ever had. He has tons of personality, talks a lot (he really says 'Mama'), and is totally cute. His velvety fur has stripes & swirls on the top and spots underneath. He’s my boy!" ~ Wolfie Wolfman.

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Wolfie Wolfman

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