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The Flamepoint Furball

"I am a Flamepoint Himalayan Persian, born in Brisbane Australia on 11th January 1998. I am an indoor envirocat - no hunting for me but I enjoy sharing info about Australian animals on my page. I was named Indigo, because of my blue eyes, by my human Patricia Franks. (She took the photos of me.) Most of my family call me Indi but one of them calls me Furball so that is how I came to be known as The Flamepoint Furball. I enjoy sleeping a lot and love to cuddle up when my human is reading. I'm getting a bit old to be very active but I sometimes run around when I think people should be taking notice of me. Cheers from The Flamepoint Furball." ~ Patricia Franks.

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The Flamepoint Furball

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