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"I am Snuglefluff and I was born on 14th of June, 2009! I was adopted on 13th of July, 2013! I am a persian lady kitty and I was born deaf 'cause of my white fur! I walk like a princess and wave my fluffy tail like only a belly dancer would! I like to be treated like a baby and I bite or scratch only when I have to and always lightly, because I have good manners! Even though I have never heard my voice, my mom says that I make the sweetest sounds when I whine or complain, because it makes her giggle when she annoys me and that's really frustrating! I am currently living with a male kitty, Batman. He is my shadow inside our home and just can't stop poking me everywhere I go!" ~ Snugglefluff.

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Playful fluff – 12-Dec-2013

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