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Smokey the Cat

"Smokey is a sweet kitty who was abandoned by his previous owners. He found my sister and I Memorial Day weekend in 2011. At the time we had two older cats, brothers Axl and Rose. Sadly, they both crossed over the bridge less than 4 weeks apart around that same time. We were both heartbroken but we think Smokey's arrival was meant to be. Smokey had a collar so we thought he was just a 'visiting cat' but it soon became apparent he was homeless. He took shelter in a dirty abandoned home but would visit us every evening. He began to trust us more and when it came time for us to move, he came with us. Smokey has been enjoying the life of a very spoiled cat ever since. He loves to sit on the balcony to watch the birds and wake me at 4:00am for his breakfast." ~ Leslie Peed.

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Smokey the Cat

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