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Skylar the therapy cat

"My name is Skylar (female). I am a registered therapy cat. I am 2 years old, born in Apr-2011. We were 3 weeks old when mommy took me and my five brothers in. Mommy said we were so weak from not eating enough that we were just laying flat in the tote. After we ate every 2 hours for a couple of days, we were up on our feet. When we were old enough to find our own homes, mommy started taking us to the adoption center. All 5 of my brothers were adopted. I was 10 months old when mommy got an adoption call on me, by then, mommy had fallen in love with me and could not let me go. Mommy told me that I could stay if I became a therapy cat. I liked that idea. I just love attention from people. I have a permanent place where I go in and visit. I go there at least once a week to see my friends. Sometimes I go in an extra day and go see some of my friends that cannot come to the activity center to see me. My first friend that I met there is in a wheelchair and she was very new there. She cried two times the first day I met her. She missed her kitty so much. I loved on her to make her feel better. The next time I went to see her, I took her a stuffed kitty cat that looks like me. She loves her kitty so much. She no longer cries when I am there. She comes and sees me every time I am there." ~ Skylar the therapy cat. [7-Sep-2013]

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Skylar the therapy cat

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