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Sir Houdini

"Sir Houdini: I was born in a litter of four on 17-Jul-1996. We had a rough start and my two sisters (Cali and Baby) died due to flea anemia. Mommy and daddy saved me and my brother Squeakie. I got my name because I got out of everything that I was kept in as a kitten. Squeakie passed away at 13 years and now I live with a calico named Trinity. I'm a momma's boy until daddy has food and treats. My favorite toy is the little packaged mice. Depending on my mood, I either like to be alone on the bed or couch, or lay with mommy and purr. My purr is on the medium side. When I'm calling for anyone to respond, I use a deep howl. At bedtime, I get to sleep under the covers with my head on a soft pillow. I love my family." ~ Darin & Dede Briggs.

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Sir Houdini

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