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Munchie as Cat of the Day


About Munchie

"Munchie is a former stray cat. Early 2013 a patient woman noticed him and started taking care of him. She fed him and created a shelter for him in her backyard. Very slowly she won his trust. On 17-Sep-2013 she had him neutered and on 18-Nov-2013 she took him in. The vet estimated his age at about 6.5 years old. Munchie proves to be a very grateful cat and a quick learner. Dushi, another former stray that has lived in the house since 2001, shows him how it all works and he copies just about everything she does. He needed little time to get to love the life inside a house and the gentle touch of a human. Him and Dushi now compete for their human’s lap. Munchie still needs to get used to many things that are still new to him, but he takes life day by day." ~ Nancy de Valk.

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