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Mr. Magoo as Cat of the Day

Mr. Magoo

About Mr. Magoo Who? "The Blind Kitty Who Stole My Heart"

"Mr. Magoo (a.k.a. 'Gooey') is a 2-year-old Orange and White Tabby. He was found wandering the streets of Philadelphia, PA, USA like so many other cats that are abandoned and left to fend for themselves. Mr. Magoo was different, he is a Special Needs Kitty who managed to survive living on the streets for two years blind. When he was brought to the shelter, it was full and he was put on the 'your time is up' list. Then he got sick with a bad infection. We saw a post about him, tracked him down, and told the shelter we wanted to adopt him. In the meantime, he got even sicker. The Dr. said that she thought it would be better for him that we bring him home and care for him there because he wasn't getting better at the shelter. When we finally brought him home on 13-Oct-2012, he was a Gooey mess. After much tender loving care, we nursed him back to health. The purpose of Magoo's facebook page is to raise awareness for Special Needs Animals." ~ Mr. Magoo Who? "The Blind Kitty Who Stole My Heart"

Books about Mr. Magoo

  Magoo Who? Life Through My Eyes
by Anne Carmichael

Goo was a street cat. He was born blind. Somehow, he managed to survive for two years on the rough streets of South Philadelphia before being rescued by the PSPCA and taken to their shelter. Be transported back in time to find out the events surrounding Goo's birth, and live with him through the two 'lost years'. Remember, it's not the size of the cat in the fight, but the size of the fight in the cat. Goo's fight is enormous. This is his story.

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Crazy Man!!! – 8-Jun-2013

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Book About Mr. Magoo

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