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Mr. Bossy as Cat of the Day

Mr. Bossy

About Mr. Bossy

"Bossy was found with his sister in a park in Washington DC. Bossy came right up to me. I knew I had to save them. The next day I went to see if they were still there, and they were! I took them to the shelter temporarily. Bossy was on my lap, looking in my eyes, and 'making biscuits' on my legs. I took my dad to the shelter 'to look at the cats.' Bossy looked in his eyes and that's all she wrote. We call him Bossy, because that's what he is! He walked in the house and crowned himself king." ~ Mr. Bossy.

Videos of Mr. Bossy

Catnip! – 13-May-2013

Me with my catnip carrot! – 23-Mar-2013

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