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Miss Tiger as Cat of the Day

Miss Tiger

About Miss Tiger †

"Mom fell in love with a Toyger in Life magazine in 2007. Mom found a breeder online and asked if they ever had inexpensive kittens. There were no kittens under $2000, but EEYAA Darlin, a retired breeding queen was ready for a forever home. She recognized mom as a fellow crazy cat lady, so Darlin came to us and became Miss Tiger in March, 2008.

Miss Tiger is a purebred Toyger born 11/23/2004. A dainty, exotic beauty, she looks big, but only weighed 9 lbs. Her glittery fur was plush velvet, she loved to be brushed. She demanded attention from everyone, they all loved her beauty and personality. She loved playing with toy mice, her toy Tiger, drinking from a faucet and bacon. She did not meow, she chirped and trilled, especially at chameleons crawling on the window. She has a sister, Roxie B, and a brother, Baby Jude who passed away in July. They snuggled together on my bed nightly.

Miss Tiger passed away in her sleep on 9/29/2013 after a short illness. She is missed by her 1200+ facebook friends and our family. Her beautiful spirit lives on in our hearts forever."

~ Laurie Smith Bodshaug (Miss Tiger and friends).

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