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Misa the kitty as Cat of the Day

Misa the kitty

About Misa the kitty

"This is my cat Misa (b: 27-Nov-2007). I got her at my local animal shelter in Chicago called The Anti-Cruelty Society. She is front-pawed declawed (she was already declawed when I first got her and I would NEVER do that to a cat). When she first came to the animal shelter, she came with multiple injuries and bite marks. She was returned twice before she came to me. She is 5 years old and she is just one of the sweetest cats I have. She is actually my first and I can't be more happier." ~ Olivia Harrell [29-Oct-2013]

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Video of Misa the kitty

Me with my "friends" – 23-Sep-2013

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