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Merida as Cat of the Day


About Merida

  • "Merida is one of the bravest kittens I have ever seen! This once feral sweet girl, has come from birth trauma, falling off a deck onto cement, being unable to eat or drink, and surviving a week of intense heat and hail storms without shelter. She cannot walk or drink, but Merida is like every other kitten her age. Vets wanted to euthanize her because she suffers strange neurological symptoms. She strives daily for progress, which I document on her page. I think she filled more than my heart the day I saved her, she filled my soul." ~ Amber Murphy.

  • "She is almost 2 years old and she sleeps next to me every night. I went through 6 vets who refused to do any tests. Merida has seen an internal medicine specialist, she had has a CT scan, and X-rays, and there is nothing showing she should ever have a seizure. She has a great vet right now. Where I live we do not have fancy animal clinics and animal specialists. She has nerve damage from her accident, which will heal over time. It took me almost 2 years but I found a physiotherapist to work with her. She is healthy, she does not have any illness, disease, virus, deformity. So what else can we do? I have tried slings, and the idea of a cart for her and SHE refuses. I have the claw mark scars to prove that a week of that DID not get better any day. She CAN walk. She gets dizzy from the damage and inflammation in her ears from the HARD blow to the head she had when she fell onto the cement before I saved her. She does not get so dizzy she vomits, I know because I am going though all of this as well from an accident. You would have to see her other videos to see the so called sad life she leads. I am using Merida to help bring awareness about pets like her who have suffered trauma, or painless brain deformities from mothers consuming toxins while pregnant, or getting illnesses while pregnant leading to cats with brain deformities or body impairments. They are happy like this, they do not know they are different and they don't care. Pet parents of disabled cats help them and do a lot to give them the most normal life we can. More than every regular pet owner out there. Why do they HAVE to walk to be normal? I know many cats who are disabled and get spoiled more than the average cat. I help her as much as I can. I bend down everyday numerous times and HOLD her and let her walk around until she kicks me and growls because she doesn't want anymore help. She does everything else on her own, eating, litter box, etc." ~ Amber Murphy. [source]

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Video of Merida

Video – 22-Jun-2013

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