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Mercury as Cat of the Day


About Mercury

Mercury (female): "I was found on the streets of Boston, MA by myself. I am so gentle and loving I greeted the Animal Rescue League (ARL) and wanted to find a home. I was so scared and alone and also a rare breed, a Turkish Angora that is black which most are white or other colors. I was brought to the ARL in hopes of finding a loving home and I did! My Mom and Dad found me immediately and have given me so much love all day long. I am 6 years old now and they treat me like a princess. I love to talk and give headbutts to show my young owner who is 11 that I love him so much. I get to snuggle with my Mom and Dad every night and my Mom gets up and feeds me every morning with love. Sometimes I get to eat fresh chicken off my Dad's grill and I really love it when my belly is rubbed. I don't know what I would do without my loving family." ~ Kristine Yates.

Video of Mercury

Video – 25-May-2013

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