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Lilly as Cat of the Day


About Lilly †

  • Update: Lilly was adopted on 28-Jan-2014 and now lives in her forever home! [source]

  • Update: Lilly passed away on 5-Nov-2014 due to renal illness. [source]

18-Nov-2013: Noblesville, Indiana, USA.

"In a comfy lil cage, at the Humane Society for Hamilton County, Noblesville, Indiana, USA, sits a beautiful calico gem named Lilly, surrendered by her owners as 'unwanted.' That stings right? In addition to grieving for her lost life, Lilly discovered she was in the very early stages of kidney failure. Born April 2008, there’s no telling with the right care, attention, hydration and special low protein food, what a long, full life Lilly could have. Lilly takes a little time to warm up, but considering her trust has been broken, we feel that time is well worth getting to know her. She would do best in a home without other pets, especially cats; she wouldn't want any competition for your affection. When you pet Lilly she likes to give lil love bites!

We are always amazed by the generous folks willing to foster and adopt special needs animals like Lilly, and the bonds they form with these cats are like no other. Hopefully Lilly will get to experience that type of bond for herself very soon and this time FOREVER! Lilly has been at the shelter since March 11, 2013. Can you be the heart that Lilly steals???"

~ Lilly & Humane Society for Hamilton County (Indiana)

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