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Kedicik Arda as Cat of the Day

Kedicik Arda

Kedicik Arda

Arda (b: 15-Jan-2010, male): "I'm a Chinchilla Persian cat and live in Germany. I was a gift from my dad to my mom. I'm named after Arda Turan, the soccer player, and my nickname is Bobble Head. There are no other cats in the house so I get mom and dad all to myself. My favorite toy is a ball and I love my cat bed. I have a very quiet purr, and my occasional meow is quiet too. When my mom and dad come home, I'm always waiting at the door for them. I'm friendly, calm, very affectionate, playful, and sleep a lot. And I'm not fat, I'm just fluffy." ~ Kedicik Arda. [2013-10-07]

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Video – 24-Feb-2013

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