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Joey The Garden Cat

About Joey The Garden Cat

"It was Christmas 2006 and I was on my own hunting down food in the streets of Little Rock, Arkansas, USA. I was tiny, fast and smart, cause across the street I discovered the Weather Garden of TV station THV11 where Larry the Garden Cat lived. He let me eat his food and sleep in his heated house. In 2011, I was featured on Animal Planet's 'Must Love Cats'. In 2012, I was diagnosed with bone cancer, had surgery to save my leg and today I'm a survivor. I never dreamed I would be a TV star, but it’s been a pretty cool gig with lots of perks. I hope to live a very long life, and that I will continue to inspire people to be kind to animals and each other." ~ Joey The Garden Cat, THV11 / Arkansas Television Company.

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Dirty pillow.

Your chin would be dirty too if the pavement was your pillow.

Posted by Joey The Garden Cat on Tuesday, September 17, 2013

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  • THV11 / Arkansas Television Company