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Hari The Cat as Cat of the Day

Hari The Cat
Hari The Cat

About Hari The Cat

"Hari is an adopted Chinchilla Persian male cat. His story is a bit sad as he had two owners before we took him. He was almost 8 months (or at least this is what the previous owner told us). Hari came in our lives on 24-May-2013. We did not plan to have a cat, but a workmate gave me a facebook link with this little scared cat who needed an owner. So I instantly said I must have him! The guy who was giving up Hari came to our house and gave him to us. Hari was not scared. He just wandered through the house, sniffing things. He was really quiet and not very affectionate. And I guess he still is. It's his personality. He does not come to your lap, nor rubs against your feet. But he shows love in his unique way: he comes and sits with you (sometimes close to you). If you go to a room, he follows you. Rarely I hear him meow. And that's when he wants treats. He likes to play for about 30 minutes then he goes to nap. He purrs quietly and only when he is knitting the blanket before we go to bed. Hari wakes up instantly and goes to the door when he hears the doorbell. He likes to greet people who come to his house. He is not afraid of bubble baths or car rides and he enjoys to play with our feet instead of toys. When we play hide and seek, he always jumps to our feet when we find him." ~ Sorina Zidaru. [16-Sep-2013]

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