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Frankie as Cat of the Day


About Frankie †

† "For 11 years I wondered why Frankie was the last of the litter. How could this beautiful fluffy kitten be the last to be saved? I rescued Frankie in June, 2002. Her favorite pastimes were chasing flashlight beams, breezy afternoons watching hovering birds and sun bathing. In 2011 she was diagnosed with IBD, stabilized by Hills A/D and in 2012 diagnosed with CHF maintained by Lasix. Frankie gave deep tissue massages, endless kisses and tender comfort. She finally revealed to me that she wasn’t left unsaved... she simply waited to save me. She passed peacefully in her sleep at home. The night before her passing she glowed in greater beauty, she was ready and knew it was her time. RIP Frankie 4-Jun-2013." ~ E.L.L.

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