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Felix Martin

"Felix, a feral tabby kitten, roughly 3 weeks old, came to me 'by accident' on 12-May-2010. He crawled under a friend's fence and nearly scared her 75lbs Labrador Retriever to death. We tried to put him back under the fence, but he was determined to stay. Thought he was an Itsy, discovered later he was a Felix! My Cocker Spaniel raised him with her 7 pups, he was treated/acted like he was a dog! He never used a litter box, insisted on being walked. He had a true love, Teensie (female), also a feral. They had a special relationship. Felix was not a touchy/feely cat, but initiated his affection. Always an adventurer, he lived 5 of his 9 lives in a 3 year period and succumbed to injuries from a car accident, crossing the Rainbow Bridge on 22-Apr-2013. He is truly missed!" ~ Cesali Luckett Martin.

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