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Faith the kitty as Cat of the Day

Faith the kitty
Faith the kitty
Faith the kitty

About Faith the kitty

"It has been exactly a year TODAY, since we adopted Faith on 2-Jun-2012. She was the most beautiful kitten we have ever seen and it was LOVE at first sight! She’s now a happy & active 14-months-old cat who lives in Western Canada with an adopted younger kitty sister, 'Hope' whom we adopted from the shelter in Jan-2013. We feel very blessed that Faith is in our lives, and we have grown to love her more and more each passing day. She rules the house with her REGAL attitude, a true feline PRINCESS. Can’t imagine life without her now.” ~ LeeAnn & Faith the kitty. [2013-06-02]

Video of Faith the kitty

Video – 10-Jun-2013

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More About Faith the kitty

  • 2013-03-02: "We have never seen a more beautiful kitten than Faith. It was LOVE at first sight! She was born on 31-Mar-2012 with a brother & a sister, but they both got adopted together, long before we adopted Faith on 2-Jun-2012. She has captured our hearts and minds the moment we brought her home. She’s our little ANGEL! She loves to play wrestling and cuddling with her baby sister Hope, who we have adopted from the shelter on 6-Jan-2013." ~ LeeAnn & Faith the kitty.