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Donny as Cat of the Day


About Donny †

"'Donny' is a 14 year old White, male, Blue eyed Purebred Persian, who happens to be Deaf! He was born 22-March-1999.

The moment I saw him, I was smitten. We ended up with his sister from another litter, 'Marie' 6 months later. They were inseparable and the best of buds. However when Marie was 6 years old, she died of Polycystic Kidney Disease.

Donny has the cutest little button nose, the largest blue eyes, and he likes to hang his tongue out when he is concentrating! He sleeps on my pillow every night and can purr like a motor boat.

He has a VERY loud meow and screams when he is alone so he can find whoever is in the house. He is very friendly to everyone and a downright snoop! He loves to sit on the bathroom vanity and look at his reflection in the mirror. He is my best friend!

His facebook page is - come and check him out!"

~ Donny.

  • b: 22-Mar-1999, d: 25-Oct-2013

Video of Donny

Meowing for cheese – 17-May-2013

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