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Callie †

  • [4-Oct-2013] my beloved calico cat ..16 years old was laid to rest today..she fought lung cancer...I will miss her deeply.....she was my baby, tough little one who was full of life and deeply and very verbal.....she was my everything.....I will miss her, she will always remain in my heart.....good bye my little one......I will remember ~ Silvio Potito

  • b: 17-Aug-1997 – d: 3-Oct-2013

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  • [2-Oct-2013] Prayers are asked for a friend's 16 year old cat named Madonna. Imagine a beautiful calico cat (typical orange, black, white) -- that would be Madonna. She is in very serious condition; the vet recommended PTS. I ask that you send Love to Madonna. ~ Cat Reflections. [see comments]

  • [3-Oct-2013] Yesterday, I asked for prayers for a calico named Madonna. In my haste, I got her name wrong, her name is Callie (since she is a calico). Today, I have very sad news about Callie. Callie was a fighter battling lung cancer but last night Callie took a turn for the worse. This morning her owner made the decision to have Callie euthanized. She was just over 16 years old and was part of the family since a kitten. Your prayers and messages from yesterday were appreciated by Callie's owner, Silvio. Even though I personally knew Callie for only a very brief time, she managed to leave a few paw prints on my heart. My deepest sympathies and condolences. ~ Cat Reflections. [see comments]

  • [4-Oct-2013] Thank you to everyone for your blessings and your thoughts. And a special thank you to David for posting this about my Callie.~ Silvio Potito

  • [3-Nov-2013] it is one month today that callie was put down....not one moment has passed without thoughts of my baby....Of all the pets that I have had, callie and her sister darcy were the most intelligent and affectionate of all breads......I miss them both so much....thank you to all who posted here and wish for a happy and very long life to all of your kids too........ ~ Silvio Potito