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Bella as Cat of the Day


About Bella

"This is my beautiful furball Bella. She was found August 2011 by my son under a car. Two dogs were trying to get at her. She was only a tiny kitten so we brought her to a vet who said she was about five weeks old. He gave her a deworming tablet and we took her home. But after a few hours Bella was lifeless so we drove her back to the vets who told us she had a reaction to the tablet and might not make it through the night. Next morning we went back the vet and Bella made it, thank God. She is now a lively cat that loves going outside. Bella doesn't really like rubs or cuddles and we can only do it wen she wants -- she's the boss. We love her so much and we're so happy my son found her that night." ~ Maria Keohan.

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