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Aragon the Cat

About Aragon the Cat

"I was rescued from the East Coast area area on December 23rd 2005. I was a baby Bengal that needed a hope. A lady picked me up, took me on a train, a taxi and into a tall building in New York City. I was scared to death though she befriended me and feed me steak. I came to trust her the next three days. We then went on an airplane for a long time and landed in California. We went home to Laguna Beach Ca. My new home has been great! we walk on a leash, and enjoy the finer things in life. This other lady met me one day took some pictures and said I think he could work in the movie's. I met her on the set of Glee and they seemed to like me over there! I then was given this name Lord Tubbington that people seem to like more than my name Aragon. Well they keep inviting me back and I love it! Other people seem to like me too and off to the set I go. Life is fun I enjoy Acting though I also love children and the environment. I'm here to love the world!" ~ Aragon the Cat- Actor, Comedian, Social Activist.

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