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Anouk the Ninja Cat as Cat of the Day

Anouk the Ninja Cat

About Anouk the Ninja Cat

Anouk (female): "I was orphaned at 3 weeks old with my brother and sister, and we got rescued by our hooman. We lived in the garage for the first couple of weeks as we were semi-wild, but when we learnt to be gentle we were allowed upstairs! Our hooman found homes for my siblings, but couldn't part wif me! They never wanted a cat, but now they wouldn't be without me!

I am a special ninja cat, I talk, I play fetch and hide and seek, I never use my claws when playing, and have a habit of laying in wait for my hoomans and jumping out at them. They say words I don't understand then! I am now 18 months old, and slowly realising not everything has to be pounced on.

My birthday is March 1st [2012], which is St. David's Day in Wales, where my hooman is from, now we all live in the Pays de la Loire in France."

~ Anouk the Ninja Cat. [6-Sep-2013]

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